The Battle Of Montmirail 1814 From The National Gallery Painting in London

Battle Of Montmirail 1814-Penarth Wargames Saturday 5th April

Wargaming larger battles such as the Battle of Montmirail is a wargamers dream. Well fortunately we are an inventive lot over here at Penarth Wargames. Through several versions Adrian Goldsworthy has been developing a set of rules to allow us to do just that. The trick of course, which he has achieved, is whilst simplifying the rules to get faster play, is to retain a historical flavour. Wargaming Big Napoleonic Battles At Penarth We have already done the Battle of Vauchamps recently. That was great…

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Ironclad Miniatures 15mm Russian Buildings sale

Ironclad Miniatures Sale – 15mm Russian Buildings

So we are into the show season by now but that doesn’t’ mean there aren’t bargains out there outside the shows. John Lowen from Ironclad Miniatures is one of our members. We always try to help each other out if we can as long as its a good deal of course Ironclad Miniatures Deal So we are pleased to let you know that John is having a Massive 25% off Sale on a set of 6 Russian buildings from his range. You will get 3…

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Napoleon At Gena - Taffs Well Weekend wargaming

Taffs Well Saturday Wargames 18th January 2014

My how time flies. Already another year and another Taffs Well saturday wargaming. yes even though Crusade is looming in 8 days time the wargames go on. So what is lined up for this month’s Taffs Well saturdy games? 15mm Napoleonics Wargame First up and one of the main events is a 15mm Napoleonics Shako battle. set in 1806 the game will be French v Prussians/Saxons. Thanks to Mark Armstrong. Drop him a line on our Yahoo group or Facebook Page if you fancy a fight! 15mm…

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