French Napoleonic Division advances

28mm Napoleonic Wargames Russia 1812 – Big Batallions Big Battles! Penarth Saturday Game 6th October

Part of the famous Napoleons Retreat From Russia paintingWell if 28mm Napoleonic wargames are your thing or even if you have a passing interest, Saturday down at Penarth Wargames will be right up your street. A big battles with probably 8-10 divisions.

Big 28mm Napoleonic Wargames Battles

Having played 28mm Napoleonic wargames on Tuesdays with Wargames Foundry Napoleon Rules we felt we wanted bigger battles. But that could still be played in an evening. Step forward Adrian Goldsworthy. He has been developing some great fast play 28mm Napoleonic wargames rules that retain the flavour of the period and bring the realities of command to the wargaming table.

 We have played 4 games now to refine them and they work really well. Here are some pictures of the Tuesday game this week, which had 8 players.

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Playing 28mm Napoleonic wargames at Penarth wargames Club

Large battles with Napoleonic wargames figures

Fighting Napoleonic Wargames with lots of figures

French Napoleonic Division advances


28mm Napoleonic Wargames On Saturday at Penarth

This Saturday promises to be the real acid test. Set in the 1812 doomed Russian campaign Adrian, with help from Neil’s Russian hordes, will be putting on a mega game for us. It might be based on a real battle but we’re not telling yet.

Cavalry battle At Borodino 1812 behind the Raevsky Redoubt

Come along as the rules are very easy to pick up and have a blast commanding whole divisions in grand manoeuvres to smash the enemy

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