A Time Of Wolves – Penarth Saturday Game 1st June 2013

Penarth Wargames Club Runs The Convoys ALAAAAAARM! Schnell! Schnell! Tachen! Tachen!merchant-ship-torpedoed-by-u-boat

That’s right it’s Das Boot down at Penarth for the upcoming Saturday wargaming session on 1st June 2013. Set around 1941/2 the British conveys and escorts take on the might of the German U-Boat wolf packs in The Battle Of The Atlantic

Andy Toye is running the Atlantic Convoy game, bringing along his 1/3000th models for us to use.

So get your high neck jumpers on, your oilskins and best binoculars and come along. Will you depth charge the cowardly Hun to the surface or spend the day all running to the far end of the hall.  Wargaming The U Boat Wolf Packs At PenarthTime will tell.

Running silent running deep is the name of the game.

U Boat Games At Penarth & District Wargames Club






fields-of-glory-wargamesBut if that isn’t your thing then we have a second wargame on the go. 


Neil is bringing down his 15mm ancients and will be running a Fields of Glory (FOG) game.  More details to follow.


Map for Glyndwr Hall, Penarth