Meet The 2019 PDWS Committee

Okay its time to introduce you to the Penarth & District Wargames Society committee.  These are the faces you should be looking for if you have any questions about our wargames club.  They can also update you on what is going down if you want to come along and see for yourself.

If you want to know pretty much anything about the club then drop them a line.  Or check the sidebar or visit and like our Facebook page here for more details.


The Chairman
  Andrew Brace
 Contact: Through the Contact form here
 The General Secretary
  Peter Scott:
 Contract: Through the Contact Form here
 The Treasurer
  Mike Prankard
 Contact:Through the Contact Form here
 General Committee Member 1
 Glyn Williams:
 Contact: Through the Contact Form here
 General Committee Member 2
   Stewart Faulkner
 Contact: Through the Contact Form Here
All Things Techy and Web Based
 Penarth Wargames Club Webmaster  Stewart Faulkner (AKA Big Stew, Sasquatch)
 I’m the one responsible for the mayhem of this site, for taking the blame for anything that goes wrong and generally patrol and keeping everything in order.  Contact me if you need anything website or techie related or drop into Penarth on a Tuesday where I spend most of my time.

I also look after our other Social Channels and can be contacted there:


 Contact:Through the Contact Form here