Penarth Wargames Venues – Where We Meet & Game

Welcome to one of the largest and longest running wargames society’s in South Wales.  Penarth Wargames venues are where we meet up to have fun, roll dice and enjoy our hobby.  Check out the locations below and our current club calendar.

Glyndwr Hall, Glyndwr Road, Penarth

Games at Penarth Wargames venues, are held here every Tuesday evening (Starting around 7pm) and one larger Saturday game (c.10am start) every month.  Saturday games are usually bigger and are generally held on the first weekend.  Check the Calendar here first though (Link opens in a new window).

Tuesday night on a Tuesday in Penarth

Feel free to contact us or drop an enquiry on the ‘Contact’ page here. or via our Facebook Page – click here

Typical Games:

25mm/15mm Napoleonics, 25mm Ancients, 15/20mm World War II (Flames OF War & Rapid Fire), Wings Of War, Naval Warfare, Sudan, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, plus others as they take our fancy

Llancaiach Fawr Manor House

We are now also very lucky to have selected weekends and Sundays at this historic building to add to our Penarth Wargames venues.  Like our old Taff’s Wells weekends we meet up Friday evening and usually stay until Sunday afternoon. 

The extra time allows really big games and campaigns as well as short fun games often on Friday and Saturday evening like What A Tanker.

Check the Calendar here (Link opens in a new window) for the dates

For directions visit the Llancaiach Fawr website – Click Here

Map for Glyndwr Hall