Battle Of Montmirail 1814-Penarth Wargames Saturday 5th April

Wargaming larger battles such as the Battle of Montmirail is a wargamers dream. Well fortunately we are an inventive lot over here at Penarth Wargames. Through several versions Adrian Goldsworthy has been developing a set of rules to allow us to do just that. The trick of course, which he has achieved, is whilst simplifying the rules to get faster play, is to retain a historical flavour.

Wargaming Big Napoleonic Battles At Penarth

We have already done the Battle of Vauchamps recently. That was great fun and I hope to have some pictures soon although you can see a few on our Facebook page. So now we are onto the Battle of Montmirail. Moving backwards in time it seems. But an integral part of Napoleon’s genius 7 days mini-campaign attempt to knock the Allies out of the war but ultimately lead to defeat.

Battle of Montmirail – Can We Alter History?

Penarth & District Wargames Society wargaiming the Battle of Montmirail 1814So it should be another interesting look at hether we can alter history or not and how the real fleash commanders live up to their historical counterparts. Will the Prussians actually push on hard and pressurise napoleon as they should have done or be too cautious again. Will Ney (Yours truely) blow a gasket or be inspired (That means will I throw 1’s all day again!). It should be a fascinating contest as the Battle of Montmirail is actually quite a finely balanced battle. The Allies having the numbers but French having the quality mainly with the Guard and Ricard’s brave conscripts.

Wanna Fight? Come Down To Penarth Wargames

So do come along and join in. The main commanders have been allocated but there is still room to push some lead (Well plastic these days) around and do the hard fighting on the ground. It should be a blast as usual.

We will be down at Glyndwr Hall. You can find directions here. Hopefully the battle will be kicking off around ten. So drive to the sound of the guns!