Big Taffs Well Wargaming Weekend – 30th May 2014

It’s time for another Penarth & District Wargaming Society big Taffs Well wargaming Weekend. Wall to wall dice, figures, tables and fun. So what’s on at Taffs Well this weekend. You mean besides the beer and chips on Friday?

Big Fat Juicy Ancients Impetus Multi-Player Madness

28mm Painted Aventine Repubican Roman Hastatii by Warpaint FiguresYes the Impetus crew are in town for this weekend. They will be bringing a big grudge match with them as well. That’s tight is Phalanx vs Pilum!
So grab a seat and sit tight for a fight of a porcupine against a slice and dice red tide. It’s immovable object of the Selucids against the irresistable force of the Republican Romans. That’s right the real and true Romans are on the board.

Ross and Mark Emms will be your hosts and there are 3 commands a side available so get in quick if you want to jump in. Personally I think it’s a shoe in for the Romans. But then I’m biased having a Republican Roman growing army myself

Chain Of Command – Getting Lardy in France

Dave is setting with his Chain of Command rules, complete with Lego accessories (Work that one out if you can).  Too Fat Lardies rules, small unit tactics and lovely World War Two figures.

So check it out and join him and Kev for a bit of dakka dakka, kaboom and fixing bayonets

Shaking It With Shako

Yes our esteemed Chairman has been let out to play. If you fancy some 15mm Frenchie bashing then 15mm Napoleonics wargaming could be just what you need.

With his bespoke randomness scenario generator you will be in for some ad hoc Shako goodness. Get down Friday evening and set up then start fighting Saturday, all day.

So there you have it a spikey, stabby, random Frenchie, lardy, little and large, buzzsaw weekend of Taffs Well wargaming goodness and therapy. Can you afford to miss it?

See you there