Bovington Wargames Show 2014 – Best Participation Game

It’s with great pride that we can confirm that Penarth & District Wargames Society won the Best Participation Game at Bovington Wargames Show. Bovington has always been one of our favourite shows on the wargaming calender. The informal and friendly atmosphere that Richard and the rest of Battlegroup South creates is fabulous. Having a show in such a great museum as Bovington is always a big thrill and honour as well.

We always feel welcome and with the overnight roast and competitions what more could you want. besides the few beers that might accidently pass our lips.

40mm Samurai Participation Game

This year we wheeled out our 40mm Samurai game at Bovington Wargames Show. We like it as it is visually appealing and great fun to play for us and the visitors. As always our golden rule on rules is:

“No more than one sheet of A4. Preferably just the one side”

So armed with said rules, 2 x island boards, some scratch built houses and piers and a few trees we took to the roads to the South Coast. Having already had our first outing for it at Sheffield Triples we were confident it would run well. And it did

Big Thank You’s

Massive thank you’s go to everyone who helped run the games – Mark, Glyn, Ian, Andy T, Andy B, Nathan, Westy, Tom and Neil and anyone I have missed

More thank you’s go to those who help build the terrain, paint the figures, hone the rules and generally pitched in with play testing and support of all kinds. these include – Martin, Ritchie and Stewart plus any other member I may have missed who helped or made suggestions (Clean ones),  at club nights. Big thumbs up

The Rogues Gallery

Without further ado here is the gallery for the 40mm Samurai game that we did at Bovington Wargames Show. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the guys collecting their prize. For some reason they all seem to have disappeared into the bar at the time, leaving Andy B to collect on his own.


Now to the drawing board for next year’s club game. See you all at Crusade on 31st January I hope?