Are You An Airfix Figures Fan Who Likes A Rare Opportunity?

Most of us crumblies remember Airfix figures.  We grew up with them and probably they were either the first wargames figures or model kit we ever had.  I remember a 1:72 Hurricane kit I saved up to buy when I was about 7 or 8. God that was a good 34 years ago.

Airfix Collectors Series 54mm Figures

Well unfortunately Airfix is no longer with us.  But some of their figures and rarer issues are still around.  Now if you love the 54mm figures Collectors Series you might be in for a treat.  On of the members of Penarth Wargames club was going to put these beauties on the Crusade Bring & Buy this year.  But he has now decided to open them up to the world a bit more.

We have 2 Airfix Collectors Series packs now listed on Ebay.  they are mint condition pretty much and still sealed in the packs.  If you are a fan and collector then this is a real find.  We like to help our members out so if you’re interested the links are below along with 2 Helmet Soldier Kits of 54mm French Napoleonic cavalry which are special too.

1973 54mm Airfix Collectors Series

Coldstream Guards 1815

1976 54mm Airfix Collectors Series

English Civil War Pikeman 1642

54mm Airfix Collectors Series Coldstream Guards 1815 54mm Airfix Collectors Series English Pikeman 1642
 Check The Auction Out Here
Check The Auction Out Here

 Helmet Soldier Kit

54mm Napoleonic Lancer Of The Line 1811-15

Helmet Soldier Kit

54mm Napoleonic Carabinier Of The Line 1810-15

 54mm Helmet Model Soldier French Line Lancers Vintage  54mm Helmet Classic Kit French Carabinier
 Check The Auction Out Here  Check The Auction Out Here

Hope you like these little Ebay offerings as a pre-Crusade 2013 taster.  Come and have a good look through our Bring & Buy and you could find some real bargains like Flames Of War sealed sets, LOTR figures, roleplaying Classics like Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition and much more