Crusade 2017 Painting & Historical Displays

We are pleased to set up this new section to show you the displays we have this year at Crusade 2017. Not only are we packed to the roof with traders and games, but we have also managed to fit in special displays for you to enjoy.

Wargames Figure Painting Displays

Matt Slade From Glenbrook Games Figure Painting ServicesMatt Slade from Glenbrook Games

Matt has kindly agreed to bring his stall along to show case his painting services. He will be happy to answer questions on paints, techniques and much more. Matt will be hard at work painting during the show so feel free to come and stare. You can see more of Glenbrook games here

Tanis Painting Studios

We are pleased to welcome back Tanis Painting Studios. This display showcases Stuart’s talent doing something that he loves.
Tanis produces life sized busts of horror and film characters also smaller scale dioramas.  The work is intricate and visually stunning.  take a little time to view the range of talent on display and asked Stuart any questions.  He will be more than willing to talk to you about his passion for this work

Wizard Steven Jones Painting Demo

Historic & Re-enactment Displays

Confederate & Union Re-enactment Society & The 29th Div WWII
Confederate & Union Re-enactment Society Originally formed in 1980 the Society has many years of re-enactment and living history events behind it. members can enroll as Yankees or Rebels or join the new wing which is World War Two based. Most of the members are based in the Cardiff/Newport/Bridgend area, although they do have members further away across the border in Worcestershire.
To find out more information visit their home page
Re-enactment dispays and groups at Crusade Wargames ShowThe 41st Kings Regiment of Foot is a Napoleonic re-enactment group of brave redcoats.  It is based on the troop type “Foot Guards” and they are normally the supporting regiment going around the map and flanking the enemy to become victorious. They have regular training dates and line battles. All the officers are well trained along side all of our members. We do separate trainings if needed with our members and always formations training and melee including some fun activities
To find out more information visit their recruitment page

Sir Henry Vaughan’s Company

SIR HENRY VAUGHAN’S COMPANY is part of the Sealed Knot Society. The Society is dedicated to the accurate re-enactment of the English Civil Wars. It is a registered educational charity whose aim is to improve the public’s knowledge of a vital period in our history 1640 – 1660. Those years saw social upheaval, a civil war causing proportionally more casualties than WWI, and the foundation of our modern constitutional monarchy and parliamentary government.

See more about Sir Henry Vaughan’s Company here