Crusade 2018 Competitions

Crusade 2018 is no different from any other Crusade in that we will again be running:

The Welsh DBA 2.2 Open Championships

The Welsh Open Napoleonic Championships


The Welsh DBA 2.2 Open Championships

Each year at the Penarth & District Wargames Society Annual show CRUSADE we also run the Welsh Open DBA Championship.

The normal format is a qualification period using ‘world cup’ format. That is the players are split up into four groups. The groups then complete an all-play-all sequence. The four winners proceed to semi-finals and thence to the grand final and third/fourth play-off. Anyone not qualifying for the finals may enter the plate competition, which is more strictly timed and aims at a three round Swiss tournament.

Prizes will be provided by our sponsors Magister Militum and a fund provided by the Penarth & District Wargames Society

The tournament is totally open in that any legal army may be fielded and anyone may participate, even if they aren’t Welsh.

Further details may be obtained most easily from the umpire; Alan Davison at: Hope to see you there!

The Welsh Open Napoleonic Championships

Napoleonic WargamesA friendly, open competition for any Napoleonic enthusiast, from experienced veteran to newcomer.  Two or three rounds are played during the course of the day at Crusade, using the tried and tested Esprit de Corps Rules and army lists. 

You may join in at the start of any round at any stage and play one or more rounds just for the pleasure and experience, or take part in the full competition. 

Inexperienced players and those not familiar with the rules will be given a masterful and encouraging but light-hearted introduction by amiable seasoned opponents, and if you’ve got what it takes you can win!

Troops and terrain plus rules and play sheets are all provided by the organizers. Ideally you just need a cms measuring tape and a couple or more D6 dice, but even they can be provided. 

Readymade, historically accurate, 1600 points armies are allocated randomly for each round of the competition by the throw of the dice, so you will play with any of a number of armies, from the familiar to the more exotic.

The rules generate fascinating but enthralling games with an authentic Napoleonic feel to the action and its outcomes.

If you wish to take part in the full competition please contact the Organizers in advance and be there on the day by 9.30 am, otherwise just turn up on the day and we’ll fit you in for later rounds subject to availability.

For further information or to confirm a place in the full competition contact Peter Moore –

Email: or telephone 01256 336919