Crusade 2018 Guest Speakers

Penarth & District Wargames Society is proud to present for another year invited Guest Speakers.  Unfortunately Adrian Goldsworthy can not attend but we have some very higly respected speakers to enlighten and challange you.

Crusade 2018 Guest Speakers Timetable

11.30 to 12.00 Dr Jonathan Hicks:
‘The Welsh Air Aces of the Great War’

12.30 to 13.00 Rob Jones:
‘Putting the Chivalry Back into Wargaming: making medieval wargames more medieval.’

13.30 to 14.00 Gareth Glover: The Battles of Copenhagen
The twin battles of Copenhagen 1801 and 1807 how the failures of the first led to the second. The main characters involved the course of events and the outcome. Naval and army warming opportunities

About The Crusade 2017 Guest Speakers

Dr Jonathan Hicks

Dr Hicks is the headmaster of St Cyres School (So best behaviour).  But he is also a respected and passionate Historian and wargamer when he has time. He is a specialist in World War One and in particular the part played by the Welsh soldiers and airmen.

His latest book is:

Wales & The First Air War 1914-1918 (Published by Y Lolfa – Oct 2017)

His Bibliography also includes:

‘The Welsh at Mametz Wood, the Somme 1916’ – published April 2016
‘The Welsh at Passchendaele 1917’ – published April 2017

As well as World War One crime fiction books:

‘The Dead of Mametz’
‘Demons Walk Among Us’

Robert W Jones Speaking at Crusade 2015 Wargames ShowRobert Jones

Robert Jones is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds, and a part-time lecturer in medieval history at Cardiff University.

His book Brazen Armour and Bloodied Banners: Martial Display on the Medieval Battlefield (Amazon Link) was published by Boydell & Brewer in 2010.

He has also written various papers for academic journals including the Journal for Medieval Military History. A military historian and wargamer of over 20 years, with interests in all periods from ancient through to modern, he specialises in the medieval period. A long-time member of the Sealed Knot English Civil Wars re-enactment society, he is also a student of the medieval longsword and 16th-century rapier as a Western martial art, studying with the Messengers group based in Swindon.

Gareth Glover Guest Speaker At Crusade Wargames ShowGARETH GLOVER

Has edited and published a vast collection of previously unknown sources for the Napoleonic era, and in particular for the Peninsular War and the Hundred Days. These have added greatly to our knowledge and often challenged the traditional version of events. Of particular note is the on-going Waterloo Archive. Vols. 1-6 published by Frontline. Further details of his books may be found on his website –