Crusade Wargames Show Games 2019

Crusade Wargames Show has put together a great package of demo and participation games for 2019 again

We welcome back old hands like HATS and Esprit de Corps (Watch this space for when we post details of their games).  Plus the always impressive Major Brothers will be back for Crusade 2019 games with a French Indo-China war game on 24′ x 6′ table.  New additions include Craig Cartnell from the Ministry Of Gentlemanly Warfare and Y Gymafa.

The Lardies will be here as usual too after their recent award success to put on an early war game with Chain of Command.

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Crusade 2019 Games Confirmed

New to Crusade Wargames Show games we are delighted to welcome a roleplaying game to our show.