Crusade 2020 Wargames Show Display & Re-Enactors

We are pleased to announce the wargaming and historical displays we have this year at Crusade 2020. Not only are we packed to the roof with traders and games, but we have also managed to fit in special displays for you to enjoy.

We are very proud this year to welcome:


Models for Heroes began in January 2017 the founder, Malcolm Childs read an advert for ‘Models for Troops‘ – an American charity sending kits overseas and to the Veteran Assistance hospitals across the USA.  With nothing like it in the UK and being a modeller himself,  seeing a lot of his modelling peers are ex servicemen and veterans he started Models for Heroes.

Models for Heroes support Help For Heroes, Combat Stress, Royal British Legion, the DNRC and NHS MoD wards, plus 30+ other localised charities and organisations.   Malcolm, along with 100+ precious enthusiastic volunteers, teach basic model making .   Donations we receive will go partly to providing the best materials required for this course and partly to sending kits and materials out to centres that run their own modelling sessions.  Plus donations pay for all the necessary but boring admin.

If you have a spare kit please bring it in and donate

Historic & Re-enactment Displays

MAFVA South Wales

MAFVA exists to promote interest in AFVs and their associated equipment and to act as a non-profit making organisation for the collection and dissemination of information. We try to answer queries or seek sources of information for our fast growing international membership and to encourage correspondence between those with similar interests. We aim to provide MAFVA members with a bi-monthly magazine called Tankette . Local branches exist in the UK and overseas and are encouraged to hold meetings, displays and competitions to enable members to get more out of their hobby by meeting others with similar interests and to share information and expertise.

Barry War Museum

Barry War Museum at Crusade 2018

Barry War Museum displayLocated within the historic Barry Island Station the Barry War Museum is run by the Barry at War Group as part of the Barry Tourist Railway. The Barry at War Group aims to research, preserve and promote the wartime history of the town and surrounding area.

The Barry War Museum features: a WW1 trench to simulate life on the Western Front, a genuine WW2 Anderson shelter and a 1940’s style kitchen and many other artefacts and displays.  Many of which we hope they bring to Crusade 2018

Barry War Museum Website –

41st Regiment Of Foot

Re-enactment dispays and groups at Crusade Wargames ShowThe 41st Kings Regiment of Foot is a Napoleonic re-enactment group of brave redcoats.  It is based on the troop type “Foot Guards” and they are normally the supporting regiment going around the map and flanking the enemy to become victorious. They have regular training dates and line battles. All the officers are well trained along side all of our members. We do separate trainings if needed with our members and always formations training and melee including some fun activities


Wargames Figure Painting Displays

Wizard Steven Jones Painting Demo