Crusade 2014 Games

Crusade Wargames Show has a reputation of attracting some of the best quality demonstration and participation wargames around and this year is no different.  You will find the list of Crusade 2014 games below. Bookmark this page though as we do add to it and change it.

We are always looking for new blood though, so if you fancy booking a slot get in fast as we are getting more enquiries every day. You can download the game Booking Form below or on our downloads page here.

Crusade 2014 Games Confirmed

Crusade 2014 Demonstration Games

Bushido Demo GameBushido Demo Game At Crusade Wargames Show

After the success of last year Sam Rudland is coming back again in 2013 with this colourful offering. You can see more of what it’s about at the game website here (Opens in new window)

Major Brothers28mm ACW
(Fire & Fury)
After treating us with there visually spectacular 20mm version of ‘Black Hawk Down’ in downtown Mogadishu 1993 last year they are back!. This time they will have a big 28mm ACW game using Regimental Fire & Fury Rules. More details to follow…

28mm World War Two
Eastern Front

(Bolt Action)

castle Gamers At Crusade 2013

We are always pleased to welcome our local Bridgend cousins Castle Gamers over to Cardiff. They always put on a good game for you.

This year its a 3 table 28mm World War Two Eastern Front Bolt Action game

If you fancy finding out more about them or checking them out if local to Bridgend drop by their website.

FIRESTORM GAMESFirestorm Games Cardiff At Crusade 2014 Penarth Rob and Jake from Firestorm are going to be busy! 4 demos on display near their stand.Star Wars X-Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing, Dead Zone and Firefly
GREAT ESCAPE GAMESGreat Escape Games at Crusade Wargames Show 2014

“You wanna…talk…slow?”

That’s right Stuart et al will be drawling, walking bandy legged and passing out the tumbleweed.

A full demo of the 28mm Wild West skirmish game Dead Man’s Hand.

North Gower Gamers

20mm WW2 (Early)

Andy and buddies are dropping buy to put on an early World War 2 Bolt Action demo game. Its nice to see this period covered. Refreshing.So the action is going to be in Northern France against the BEF! 20mm miniatures with Bolt Action rules. Should be nice one to look out for
Skirmish Wargames Group The SKW are gracing us with their fine presence and are putting on an impressive 28mm War of The Roses demo game at Crusade 2014 this year.
SFSFW Armoured Clash demonstration game

Battle of Melegnano, 8th June 1859


Wessex Wargamers at Crusade Wargames Show

We are hugely delighted to welcome the Wessex boys to Crusade with our connections. they have decided to put on a demo game for us. They don’t bite (Often) so go talk to themSo they will be putting on a 15mm demo of the Battle of Melegnano, 8th June 1859 between France and Austria.They will be using Principles of War rules

Czech-Hungary War 1939



Welcome back Mike Slack on another Crusade foray. He has chosen something very different which we always like.A 20mm game based on the 1939 Czech-Hungary war

 28mm Samurai War

War & Conquest Demo
Scarab Miniatures
Scarab Miniatures 28mm Dem Game at Crusade 2014

Welcome to Rob Broom again. This looks like another quality game from him after last year. Something different with 28mm Samurai. Very colourful I would think.He will be using his popular War & Conquest rules so it’s a good chance to see them in action and ask some questions
 Escape Committee  A delve into the Middle eastern conflicts with a 1/72 Middle East urban fight


Crusade 2014 Participation Games

28mm World War Two
Eastern Front

(Bolt Action)

castle Gamers At Crusade 2013

Castle Gamers are pushing the boat out this year.  As well as running a demonstration game, they will also be putting on a 2nd participation game

Again based on Bolt Action rules it will be a smaller more skirmish style Russian Front game, Using just the 1 table.

Wings of Glory Aerodrome (David Manley)
Take to the skies with the intrepid pilot of the Wings of Glory Aerodrome, an international band of aerial wargamers.A participation game spanning the war in the air (and on the sea) in WW1 and WW2, using the popular and recently relaunched “Wings of Glory” miniatures game
Too Fat Lardies

Too Fat Lardies At Crusade 2014

The Lardies are regulars at Crusade and we are always pleased to see them. For the Crusade 2014 games they will be laying on a Desert participation game with their Chain of Command rules. Will be a cracker as normal so get there early
28mm Viking SkirmishSouth East London Wargames GroupEast Street Games At Crusade Wargames Show It’s nice to welcome SELWG to Crusade 2014, along with East Street Game.Grab your smartest axe, give praise to Odin and then come and join in this village raid.SELWG are going to get you involved in a 28mm Viking game with the new Valhalla ules from East Street Games


(Haverfordwest Wargames Club)
Hailing from West Wales, Peter Swales and his crew are bringing a fine ACW skirkish participation game so find them and get stuck in.More details as soon as we have them, but I advise brushing up on films before you come. Because everybody’s go to have an edge


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