Exclusive -EM4 Miniatures Special Offer For Crusade 2013

As you might know from our traders page we are pleased to have EM4 Miniatures at Crusade 2013 on 26th January.

Even better is that they have a cracking exclusive limited edition offer on their new Walled Farm Set

28mm Painted Walled Farmhouse

EM4 Miniatures Special Offer For Crusade

“A fully painted, 5 piece, walled farm. Suitable for any period from medieval to future. Excellent for fantasy games. Can be used in mass-battles, skirmish or role-playing games.
Designed and created by Dave Marshall and with a painting scheme taken from his master copy, this stunning set will enhance any collection.
Intended primarily for 28mm figures but also suitable for 25 or 30mm.”

This is a very nice piece indeed and comes ready painted so saves you time as well

If you Pre-Order for Crusade your can get a £26 discount today a 28% Saving

Plus you don’t have to risk damage in the post, just pick it up from Doug and the boys on the day

If you wanted to take advantage of this offer you will need to pay a small £10 deposit now to make sure you get one reserved for you.  Drop Doug a line now on enquiries@em4miniatures.com