South Wales Roleplayers Storm Into Crusade 2019

Although Crusade Wargames Sgow is know for its tabletop gaming our club also contains a fair few gamers and roleplayers (No not those sort the clean sort). But until now Crusade was not able to reflect that dynamic in a way we thought was best for you our loyal and new visitors.

dungeons and dragons participation game at Crusade 2019 Wargames ShowNow for Crusade 2019 we are pleased to welcome South Wales Roleplayers to put on a great extravaganza of Dungeons & Dragons. Whether you are a dedicated player, a newbie or an old hand who has lost touch this could be just the experience you need. Girls, boys, men, women all are welcome.



“The South Wales Roleplayers will be attending Crusade with their Dungeons and Dragons experience.

A public demonstration game will be run to showcase a roleplaying session in action, followed by an opportunity for you to create your own destiny, with a series of games being run for you to participate in and discover, or perhaps rediscover, the iconic roleplaying game.

Each session will be approximately 90 minutes, so you should have plenty of opportunities to join in. We look forward to you signing up for a game with us on the day.”

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