BLESMA at Crusade 2013

The Crusade 2013 Big Thank You Round Up Post

Well it’s a long 3 weeks on from Crusade 2013.  Backs have recovered from shifting our lovely traders around and digestive systems have recovered from the after show curry. Even Mr Willis our illustrious Secretary has managed to get all his raffle prizes home. Wales have even broken their losing streak (Just!).

With over 400 visitors through the door, in the middle of a recession and false rumours of SE Wales being snow bound I think that it is a real achievement by the Crusade Committee and members from the Penarth & District Wargames Society who gave up their day and got stuck in.  Special thanks go to Ian Richards our Crusade 2013 co-ordinator who held it all together with encouragement, bribery and downright threats.

Most of all though we would like to thank all the traders, gamers, demonstrators and re-enactors who came along and put on a great display.  Without you obviously there would be no show. Massive thank you all round.

So as a brief summary to Crusade 2013 I would like to thank all of you and get on with a down and dirty for the day. A few photos and a few things learnt.

The Madness of The Crusade 2013 Bring & Buy

It just goes to show that you just never know. having carefully planning the manning and tables for the bargains to arrive we horribly underestimated the quantity of kit. We actually went 2 tables deep at some points of the stall.

Big thanks go to Mike Prankard for remaining calm under pressure and the constant badgering of us all. His organisation made sure everyone got paid what they were due. Honourable mentions also go to Richard Willis his sidekick and willing accomplice.

Crusade 2013 Bring & Buy Stall

This was before it got busy!


As usual we were proud to have Margaret & Ron White and friends from BLESMA at Crusade and this year saw us raise £432, an increase from last years total of £365 of £133 (36%). Most of that may have been down to Richard Willis on the raffle, but the generosity shown is massive.

Likewise thank you to all traders who gave so generously to the prizes

BLESMA at Crusade 2013

The BLESMA ladies and gents in attendance

Glorious Games

I had the privilege to speak to a lot of the gamers who gave up their own time to put on some excellent eye candy. The 90mm Warhammer 40K with scratch built kit was very striking, as well as the excellent Mogadishu by the Major Brothers, our friends the Too Fat Lardies, World War Two Landings and Rob Broom from Scarab treating us to a showing of War & Conquest in action.

A Truckload Of Traders

The main hall Crusade

Thanks to all of you who ignored the snow scaremongers and travelled sown to South Wales.  Big shouts especially go to Wargames Emporium who cam down from Sheffield, Colonel Bills’s from Newcastle & Warlord Games from Nottingham.

All the traders as usual were very friendly and I enjoyed chatting to them from the knowledgeable Stuart Mccorkindale of Great Escape games, the second Stuart from the fabulous Colonel Bills (Great second hand figures as well as new), John from Ironclad, Rob from our local stockist Firestorm Games and Andrew from Warlord Games

If you want to catch up with any of them you can go to our 2013 Traders page here.

For all you traders, remember to get your forms in for 2014 as soon as possible to grab your slot.  You should be receiving them soon.

A little Montage Of Pictures

(All subtitles a little bit of fun, no offense intended just tongue in cheek.  Any problems, contact me)


The Penarth Door Security

Door Security At Crusade – frightening eh?

Great Escape Games

Looks like someone mentioned Stuart’s secret Viet-Taff trigger word

Andrew From Warlord

Secret Warlord Games discussions on what a Booking Form looks like


BLESMA raffle at Crusade 2013

“Has anyone else except Ritchie Willis bought any tickets?”


blesma raffle success

“Seriously, has anyone else got any tickets in there?”


Too Fat Lardies at Crusade 2013

Just a bit longer…you can’t beat the old superglue on the glass jape


Glenbrook Games At Crusade 2013

“I can see your bald patch from here”. The error of sitting in front of a mirrored wall

Remember we always love to have you feedback and comments so feel free to give your view of the day in the comments below, share this page or come to our Facebook page.

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