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Crusade Wargames Show is the Wales’ largest and best wargaming event and is eagerly awaiting year after year by trader and gamers alike. Its been going since 1995.  Always a friendly Welsh welcome (We can’t always promise you dry or warm!) and plenty to keep the soul and wallet occupied. Crusade is now firmly fixed on the wargaming calender, has been for years and hopefully for years to come yet. Penarth & District Wargames Society are proud to welcome you

change-step-charityFrom 2017 we proudly support “Change Step Wales“. A Locally based Welsh charity:

“Delivered by veterans for veterans….providing support for Armed Forces veterans their families and more. Support with mental health, substance misuse, criminal justice and housing issues…Our community-based activities and volunteering opportunities provide a therapeutic and social outlet, allowing participants to develop new skills and pick up formal qualifications.”

Please give genoursly at the Show or:

Text STEP46 and your donation to 70070 – for example, to donate £10, text STEP46 £10.

Or why not volunteer?

What You Get At Crusade Wargames Show

Plenty to do and see for a start.  Traders by the bucket load.  A good mix of the best, the wierdest the novel, inspiration and just plain daft.  We treat our traders well, a bit like old friends, and they come back year after year. You should always be able to do a deal with these fellows.

Current Show traders list available from the top menu.

Crusade-Wargames-Show-GamesOh The Wonderful Wargames!

That’s right games and more games.  Both participation and demo games galore. From the rivers of Vietnam, to ancient battlefields, the skies above 1916 France, the waters of the Pacific and many more.  Don’t be afraid to approach and ask questions and get involved.  A lot of the games are put on by other local clubs such as Cardiff Wargamers or HATS and they are friendly and enthusiastic.

To get the list of games for the current Crusdade Wargames Show go to the drop down menu above for this year’s show

Wargames Traders At Crusade

This is what we like.  Figures, figures and even more figures.  Add some terrain second hand bargains and we go home happy and broke.  Oh yes at Crusade we try to bring you the best wargames traders around, so that you have the best choice.  Why not try pre-ordering and collecting on the day for a bargain


crusade-bring-and-buy-1The Crusade Bring & Buy

Of course you might be here just to shift some kit and make some more money (To buy more figures of course!). Then the Bring & Buy should be one of your first stops.  At the back of the centre its always a hive of activity.  Get their early to beat the booking in queue so you can get the best place for your stuff and spend more time in show planning what to spend your earnings on.  If you get the forms done in advance even better.  Get it here

Expert Guest Speakers

For the purist enthusiast, beginner or historian our guest speakers always draw a crowd and are worth while go to listen to.  Here at Penarth & District Wargames Society we are blessed in having Adrian Goldsworthy as a member.  Hugely respected in his field, writer of many acclaimed books he volunteers his time every show to provide an entertaining insight.  Of course we also like to have other guest speakers as well.

We invite you to look around this site both at the general information and also about the current upcoming show. As a start here are some sections we highly recommend




  1. Hi Rob,I did pick up a copy cheaply from Amazon. The two rules sets deal with anneicts rules and a second with rules for modern gaming. The former looks like it can be used up to around 1500 while the latter rules seem to be designed for WWII and Korea. They are not complicated and I am thinking of typing them up for use with my gaming group.The rest of the book is rather interesting as well with commentary on things like figure conversions and homecasting of miniatures. The book is fifty years old and the second of Featherstone’s series of works. It was worth adding to my war gaming library.Jerry

  2. I moved to North Wales just over a year ago, and I didn’t even know about this event!

    I’m hoping to start a club in Caernarfon, and I have set up a page on Facebook (link below)

    I have also wondered about having an event in the castle! I would appreciate advice on that, plus I welcome any feedback from traders on this idea


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