Crusade Traders – A Paradise For Wargamers

Now for wargamer’s there almost seems to be a a couple of Golden Rules:

1. You can never have too many figures

2. You should always have twice as many figures unpainted as painted

3. You can never have too many figures (I know that’s a repeat, but its so important I thought we should say it again)

That why wargames shows are a mecca, a sweet shop full of talented sculptors, twitchy owners and gamers marvelling and salivating at the gorgeous latest release or going mob handed with a shopping list the size of Alaska.

So at Crusade we always try and make sure you get the best.  Crusade Traders range from makers such as Warlord Games, Black Scorpion, Perry Miniatures, and Ironclad Miniatures to stockists such as Colonel Bill’s bringing you Wargames Foundry, Games Workshop, Perry Figures  and many more bargains.

You can add to that jaw dropping terrain and buildings, second hand bargains and board games galore as well as throw in some Jerky specialists, Second Hand Trader’s such as Lesley’s Bits Box and enthusiastic re-enactment stands

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