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As with all wargames shows we like to have plenty of games going on at Crusade. A little eye candy in lead if you like (Although could be plastic these days). We also know that wargaming is about you and not just another game for the organisers to enjoy. That’s why when Penarth & District Wargames are choosing our games for Crusade we like to find ones that you can enjoy to watch, to join in or just say ‘Wow!’

So you will find not only cool demonstration wargames but also participation games that are fun as well.

Here Are the demonstration and participation games as well as displays from from Crusade 2012 Wargames Show

Display CURS + 29th Infantry WWII Group
Display Shire of Mynydd Gwyn
Display Sir Henry Vaughan’s Company (SK)
Gamer Basildon Wargames Society  
Gamer Battlegroup South  
Gamer Border Princes
Gamer Cardiff Wargames Club
Gamer Coity Gamers/Castle Games Club  
Gamer Greg Suff’s ECW  
Demo Ironclad Miniatures
Gamer Major Brothers
Gamer Mark Davies & Martin Small  
Gamer Merthyr Wargames  
Gamer Scattered
Gamer The Escape Committee  
Gamer Two Fat Lardies  
Demo Scarab Miniatures

Find cool games at Crusade Wargames ShowThe aim for Crusade wargames shows are to make sure we have a wide range of games on show.  many are put on by our local clubs such as Cardiff gamers, Tredegar Reavers and those further afield such as from North Gower. Subjects are from 40mm skirmish, through small actions all the way up to full scale major battles on sea, land and air. You might see a World War One dogfight one minute and then turn around to experience a western gunfight or a river bound Vietnam.  The next moment you might find yourself in the middle of the famous Battle of Waterloo or reel back in time to Cannae, watching one of the worst Roman defeats ever recorded.

So have a browse, chat to the gamers and enjoy the wide range of games on offer and join in where you can.  Its what Crusade and all wargames shows are about


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