Why Pre-Ordering Wargames Figures For Crusade 2013 Could Save You A Load Of Cash

So only 2 weeks to go until Crusade 2013 opens its doors. Like many wargames shows and events there will be a ton to see and do as well as make a bit of cash on the Bring and Buy. But at the end of the day we all love looking through all the new ‘shiny things’ on the trader stands. Just a few more wargames figures, the other half will never notice.  £50 later the few figures have multiplied. Yikes!

But you know there are sometimes better ways to do business and pick up a bargain on your wargames figures. That would be to use the magic of pre-ordering.

So What’s The Big Deal On Ordering Wargames Figures In Advance

Well it’s tough times out there for any business at the moment.  What they like is a guaranteed sale.  It’s all very well bringing a shed load of wargaming stock, but you always bring more than you need just in case.  But the joy as a trader of bringing say 20% of figures or books that are already sold is special. It’s cash in the bag and at the moment cash is king. This is why you could get a great deal.

Just take a look at what EM4 Miniatures are doing for Crusade this year.  Their deal is a huge saving of 28% on a limited run.  Bargain for you and stock sold for them.  Everyone’s a winner

What To Do To Get A Bargain On Your Pre-Ordered Figures

1. Go to our traders page and see who takes your fancy.  There’s over 40 on there so far

2. Click through to their website and see what you want to order.

3. Contact them.  Now I mean directly on the phone.  Email sucks for doing a deal.

4. Negotiate a discount for pre-ordering. If they say no them tell them you are going to buy from their rival ‘xy figures’ who you think are ready to deal.

5. Pay your deposit (Or the lot if you want)

6. Pick up on the day

It’s not unknown to get 10 or 20% discount.  Remember the more you order the easier it is to talk bigger numbers on moey of your figures

So why are we telling you this.  The more our traders make the happier they are and they stay in business to keep giving you all great figures, games, rules and more. It keeps wargames shows alive.  It saves you money.  We make nothing from this bit of advice.  So get on the phone right now.

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