Gallery – Napoleonic Wargames & Battles

Of all the historical formats, Napoleonic Wargames still remains the most popular.  Its enigmatic range of great figures and generals such as Napoleon himself along with Wellington, mixed with a heady melting pot of nations, nationalities, uniforms and conflicts.

Dividing and setting Europe aflame for 15 years there are so many scenarios and theatres to game that you will never be spoilt for choice. Penarth Wargames club is lucky to have several members collecting 28mm Napoleonics minitures including French, Prussian, Spanish, Portuguese, Austrian and of course British. This made all the easier by the new plastic figures from the likes of Perry and Warlord games. There are also a huge amount of 15mm armies that we can draw upon as well for willing recruits.

Rules we use include the Wargames Foundry ‘Napoleon’ set, Black Powder and Shako.

French v Prussians (18/12/12)

A quick Tuesday night game fought by Prussians and French for possession of a strategic hill. The Prussians lost their cavalry and the French crested the hill first driving the Prussian advance guard back. Desperate fighting ensued, but a darkness closed in the Prussians we in retreat leaving a strong rearguard to prevent any French pursuit