World War Two Galleries – Penarth Wargames

We do quite a bit of World War 2 wargaming at Penarth, especially on Tuesdays. Depending on the scale we use various rule sets.  We have used Rapid Fire in the past, but tend to play with Flames Of War more often than not when using our existing 20mm figures. Upscaling to 28mm recently the group has enjoyed playing with Bolt Action from Warlord Games. I was lucking enough to have a game back at Worcester with John Stallard and Andrew from Warlord and was hooked. Great fun.

For the smaller scales Spearhead is quite popular and Adam and Glyn when he has chance like running campaigns over the weekend Taff’s Well games as well.  I have a large collection of 1/300th Russian front models and have played with a cruched down Forefly set and also Blitzkrieg Commander.  My search still goes on for a perfect set!