Bolt Action Italy 1944

This was our 2nd proper use of the Warlord Games Bolt Action rules. they are fast moving, quite deadly for house to house fighting and just great fun.  they capture the period and tactics well enough without encouraging rulesmiths and mis-interpretation too much.

For this one on a Tuesday in February down at Glyndwr Hall in Penarth Adrian set it in Italy (Yes Spanish-esque buildings accepted). the Americans certainly benefited from the GI move and fire skill and also drawing most of their command dice for 3 turns before the Germans got a single one.

Things we discovered:

1. Forgetting & leaving part of your squad in the open when faced by an MG42 usually means they get smeared over half the board

2. Assaulting a defended house at 1:1 odds, even with SMG’s means instant failure and death. I should have pulled the Germans back behind the wall when I got beaten to the building

We like Bolt Action rules and it has certainly provided an incentive to break out old 28mm WW2 models and get painting the rest. I have certainly added german Fallshirmjagers to my painting list for 2013