Ironclad Miniatures Sale – 15mm Russian Buildings

Sale -Ironclad Miniatures 15mm Russian buildings - Click hereSo we are into the show season by now but that doesn’t’ mean there aren’t bargains out there outside the shows. John Lowen from Ironclad Miniatures is one of our members. We always try to help each other out if we can as long as its a good deal of course

Ironclad Miniatures Deal

So we are pleased to let you know that John is having a Massive 25% off Sale on a set of 6 Russian buildings from his range. You will get 3 houses, a barn , a well & trough and a gorgeous 15mm Russian Chapel. You can see them in the picture below. Together they give you a complete 15mm Russian village. Perfect for Flames of War, Blitzkrieg Commander or whatever other rules you use.

Usual price is £34.50 but until Midnight on 30th March 2014 you can get them allSale on Ironclad Miniatures 15mm Russian Buildings set for just £28.00. A bargain with over 25% off.

I would advise you bookmark Ironclad Miniatures as there are promises of even more sales throughout the year.

Watch this space for more members news and sale bargains when we spot them for all of you to benefit.

25% off 15mm Russian Buildings at Ironclad Miniatures