Operation Zitadelle – Kursk At Penarth Tuesday 4th June

Russian peasants and slaves at Kursk prepare the defences
Russian peasants at Kursk prepare the defences

Wargaming The Battle Of Kursk At Penarth ClubWell not the whole thing but tanks, tanks, tanks.  Its 1943 and Hitler’s personal plan to close the Kursk Salient is in progress.  Poorly planned and fatally delayed the Germans will have to take on prepared Russian defences, fresh reserves and lots of Russian tanks lying in wait.

Of course we will only be chopping off a small portion to wargame tonight but we will still be packing the troops on the table and recreating the atmosphere of this enormous and cataclysmic tank battle

Thanks to Andy and his Bolt Action collection of Russians as well as Adrian Goldsworthy’s extra tanks, we are looking to have a real feast tonight. Maybe even see a Tiger if lucky

So head down the Glyndwr Hall in Penarth (Click HERE to find it) and come and join in.  It will be fast furious brutal and fun.  No complicated rules. Bolt Action is simple to pick up and game with.

Battle Of Kursk 1943 at Penarth Wargames Club