Penarth Christmas Game – Lion Rampant Campaign

Its that time of year and this Saturday 6th December 2014 is the first of the two Penarth Wargames club Christmas games.  First up it’s the turn of Glyndwr Hall down in our Penarth meeting place.

What’s In A Game?

Well on Saturday it’s Crusaders vs Muslims in the Holy Land.  Of course holy to both hence the angst.  Andy Brace is kindly putting together a mini campaign based on the Lion Rampant set of rules from Osprey.

Get their early to be a faction commander or turn up and be that devilish, maybe slightly back stabbing able 2nd in command.  Whatever way you do it it should be a blast.

After Game Antics

Of course afterwards there is the annual meal out and Tom has sorted us out an ‘Eat as much as you want’. So better be there early before Tom gets stuck in.

Hope to see you all there If not watch out for the upcoming post on the Taff’s Well venue christmas game