Penarth Christmas Game Primer

penarth Christmas Game 2013Yes its the first installment on the Penarth Christmas game for 2013. This year it’s set for 7th December 2013 down at Glyndwr Hall. Westy is taking on the challenge and organising everything for this extravaganza (No pressure mate).

So what can we expect. Well the latest out of the Rumour Mill is that its a 28mm Bolt Action World War Two game. A lot of you are already familiar with these rules so hopefully we can whizz through play. At the moment its looking like the drive on the Dutch ports but yet to be confirmed. Probably a mini-campaign or series of linked scenarios with consequences for victory or loss.

Hopefully everyone who is contributing forces knows who they are now and will be painting furiously, including myself. I world-war-two-allies-penarth-christmas-gamehope to be posting first pictures and WIP’s on Warpaint Figures shortly as not many weeks to go!!

So get along on the day and have some fun. It should be a good one. Watch this site or visit and like our Facebook page for any updates on the Penarth Christmas Game