Penarth Club Meetings

Penarth Club Meetings Calendar

Here you will find details of all the club meetings we have at our Penarth venue at Glyndwr Road. You can easily pop along and join in we are a friendly bunch really.  Lots of stuff going on from the smaller games on a Tuesday evening to the larger Saturday games.  We usually like to post details of what is going on on this website and our Facebook Page.  You can always contact a committee member as well. First two meetings are free


We usually roll up around 7-7.30pm at Glyndwr Hall.  The club has plenty of table and all its own terrain.  If you want to put on a game just let us know. Finish time can depend but we like to wrap up around 10-10.30pm.

Saturday Games:

These are altogether bigger events involving large numbers of figures and plenty of players.  Often there are more than 1 game going on at one time so you get a choice. We usually meet the first Saturday of every month.  The actual dates are below.

Penarth Wargames 2014 Saturday Dates

(Click higlighted dates to see details of games on)

 January To June  July To December

3rd January 2015
 7th February 2015
7th March 2015
(Battle Of Ligny)

4th April 2015
2nd May 2015
6th June 2015

4th July 2015
 1st August 2015
 5th September 2015
 3rd October 2015
7th November 2015
 5th December 2015
(Christmas Game)

Map for Glyndwr Hall, Penarth