Penarth Wargames Events 2019 – Come And Join Us

Well now that the mad ness of the 2019 Crusade Wargames Show is out of the way it’s time to get ready for some serious gaming in the year ahead. We have just posted up the Events Calendar for Penarth & District Wargames Society which you can download here.

Penarth Wargames Membership Forms can be downloaded from here

So what do we have in store:

Wargaming Every Tuesday Evening

Every Tuesday we meet down in Penarth at Glyndwr Hall.

You can see the Google map location here.

Usually there are between 4 and 10 of us with 1-3 games on the go. Easy to join fast playing wargames from all sorts of periods and with all sorts of rules. Anything from ancients to Modern warfare. Particularly popular are:

Air Combat – World War One and World War 2
15mm Ancients – Using Sword and Spear
28mm Ancients – In House rules and Hail Caesar
28mm & 40mm American War of Independence (AWI) – Battles and small actions using British Grenadier & Rebels & Patriots
15mm & 28mm Napoleonics – Using Shako & In House rules by Adrian Goldsworthy
28mm ECW & Rennaisance
15mm ACW – Using Black Powder (Glory Hallelujah) or Fire and Fury
6mm & 10mm WW2 – Blitzkrieg Commander and Spearhead
28mm WW2 – Chain of Command and Bolt Action
Napoleonic Naval
WW2 Naval – Various scales
10mm & 28mm Fantasy

You don’t have to bring your own figures to start, although you are welcome to put on a game. Penarth Wargames have a large stock of terrain and gaming cloths as well.

Starting around 6.30pm and finishing around 10-11pm. All ages and experience welcome

Large Scale Wargames On Saturdays

Penarth & District Wargames set up for a big Saturday Napoleonic 28mm wargame

Every month, usually on the first Saturday, we meet at Penarth around 9/10am and game all day until around 5pm. this Penarth Wargames to put on some much bigger games, including famous battles.

Battles such as Quatre Bras, Lutzen, Trenton and others have all been played to conclusion. Napoleonic wargames, AWI (American War Of Independence), ACW (American Civil War) and Chain of Command mini-campaigns are all very popular.

Check the Calendar to see when we are holding the Saturday Games.

Llancaiach Fawr Wargaming Weekends

Llancaiach Fawr Manor House

We are very fortunate to have access to this historic location to hold occasional wargaming weekends.

Click Here to find out more about Llancaiach Fawr

This means we travel the short distance and meet Friday evening, sleeping over Saturday and Sunday nights and gaming throughout the whole weekend. Large scale campaigns and smaller fun stuff like What a Tanker all play a part in the enjoyment.

The facilities are excellent and we have access to the whole Education block. If you want to come and stay overnight drop us a line here or on our Facebook page. Of course you are most welcome to drop in during Saturday and Sunday to roll some dice for as long as you want.

This Years dates so far are:

March 15th-17th – Weekend
May 17th-19th – Weekend
July 19th-21st – Weekend
August 18th – Sunday Game only
September 15th – Sunday Game Only
October 20th – Sunday game only
November 15th-17th – Weekend
December 15th – Sunday game only

Of course we will also be visiting some of the various wargames shows around the country and hopefully be taking a game with us as well. Keep up to date by following us on Facebook here.

You can download the Penarth Wargames calendar here