Penarth Wargames Club Meeting Tuesday 21st May 2013

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Well another Tuesday session rolls around at Penarth & District Wargames Society. So what’s on the cards tonight 21st May 2013 at Penarth Wargames down in Penarth itself.

Well if you pop down to Glyndwr Hall Penarth Wargames Club will be fighting another session of the ever popular Warlord Bolt Action World War 2 rules.  This time in early/mid war Russia again.  We have had a couple of sessions with the Germans starting Operation Barbarossa. We even remembered all the rules…I think

But tonight the Russians start their fight back. So loads of Russians, lots of anti-tank rifles and maybe a new secret tank the Ruskies have been working on. Are those Mickey Mouse ears?

So drop along there is always room for more and have a go the rules are simple and easy to pick up. Thanks in advance to Andy b for putting on as well


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