Penarth 4th Jan Saturday Game – Streets Of Whitechapel

Gaming Streets OF London At Penarth WargamesCor Blimey! Love a duck me ole cock sparra and all that jazz this coming Sunday. It’s Ian’s Streets of London extravaganza. So it’s time to break out dodgy accents and even dodgier cliches for this great gang based game. Come down to Penarth on Saturday 4th Jan 2014 to join in

Victoria is on the throne and deep in Whitechapel their is a power struggle. Rival gangs compete with each other to control the streets and crime empires they have built. You are those gangs

The Scene For Penarth On Saturday

Fear is stalking the streets. Ladies of ill repute and loose morals are turning up brutally Jack The Ripper At Large - Penarth Wargamesmurdered. This concerns the gang leaders. least of all it means serious loss of trade and it puts off the punters. The Peelers are proving inept and next to useless at stopping the violence and your other income streams.

Streets Of WhitechapelYou Are In Charge

Come along and be one of the gang leaders. Build your gang and take to the Streets Of Whitechapel. It’s not just about fighting though. You might have to complete other on board scenarios and missions as well. Ian is keeping us guessing over this as well as who else might make an appearance in the area.


Jack The RipperWill naughty Jack stalk your every move?

Can you trust your own gang members?

What is that dark shape behind you in the smog?

Will you draw the attention of the greatest dectective of the era?

So come along throw yourself in and lets have some fun




Not only But Also

Of course as with most Saturday meetings at Penarth Wargames there is more going on. Glyn is going to be running a large Shako Napoleonic game if you are interested. No format or scenario details as yet but will update you when I do