Penarth Wargames Saturday September 2014 Games

Well it’s the first Friday of the month and that means only one thing. Yes it’s the Penarth Wargames Saturday September 2014 wargames fest tomorrow. So having built up your goodwill and Brownie points up with your significant others it’s time to escape and join us at Glyndwr Hall.

So what have we got planned for the September Saturday games?

Wargames At PDWS For September

1. 28mm American War Of Independence

AWI 23rd Foor Royal Welsh Fusiliers
23rd Regt Foot (Royal Welch Fusiliers).
(Old Glory Prints – Don Troiani)

Yep one of my personal favourites. It’s the redcoats taking on the treacherous rebels. Or is it the brave colonists and patriots fighting for justice against the oppressive British Empire. Take you pick which side you come from.

This week down at Glyndwr Hall Julian is putting on an AWI battle re-enactment. He is keeping his cards close to his chest about the scenario. But knowing Julian it’s bound to be a good one with a few twists and turns. He has that sort of devious and fun brain.

As usual we will be using British Grenadier rules. They are some of the best rules and really reflect the battles and problems in fighting in the American War of Independence beautifully. They are pretty simple and very comically frustrating at times as an attack grinds to a halt units weighed down by the terrain and disruption.

Just watch out for those wicked British bayonet charges and those sneaky crack shot rifleman of Mr Morgan!



2. 10mm Warmaster Ancients

Play Warmaster Ancients at Penarth WargamesSecond on the menu is something not seen often enough at Penarth Wargames. A Warmaster Ancients battle. Ty and Mark Matthews will be running this and hope to get in at least 2 battles on the day. Based originally on the GW Warmaster Fantasy rules they are a really effective set of mechanics to handle big battles. The scale for Saturday is 10mm.

This should be a viscous and mobile affair with a Byzantine army taking on the brutal Goths for domination in the Eastern arm of the old Roman Empire.

So if you have never tried them, come along and have a go.




Well gotta run. See you tomorrow morning hopefully

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PS if you like the prints, I found them at a site called Old Glory Prints. The artist is Don Troiani . You can check them out here. Some of them are very nice