Russia 1812 – Time To Make A Stand

Battle of Smolensk Penarth WargamesWelcome to the Penarth Saturday Wargames briefing. To bring you the low down on what’s happening for 2nd November 2013. Well I am pleased to say that we have another mega Napoleonic Battle again the last one was great fun and with more people getting the rules this promises to be better. At least 4-6 Corps of troops and 8 tables!

Its 1812 and Napoleon continues with his advance into the heart of Russia. Striking towards the prize of Moscow with a strategy to destroy the Russian army in the field. But they remain elusive surrendering time and ground and retreating before the French army like shadows. but all is not well. The commander Barclay De Tolley, especially as a foreigner is not popular. His strategy of retreat is seen as cowardice by many. Eventually he is forced to step aside in favour of the more agressive Prince Bagration

Not wanting to surrender Smolensk he turns suddenly to fight the scattered French. can he pull of the victory the Tzar so demands or will napoleon pull together his Corps too fast and cruch the green hordes. Come along and find out.

French Napoleonic Division advances