Screaming Eagles At Penarth Wargaming Club – Tuesday 18th June

Wargaming airborne operations in Normandy
Airborne Troops in Carentan Captured Kubelwagen
(Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / National Archives USA)
Wargaming the US Airborne operations in Normandy 1945 Tuesday night at Glyndwr Hall.June 1945 and the D Day Landings have been a success, even if of various degrees. But tonight at Penarth Wargames Club you get to take the role of the often forgotten brave airborne troops.

The US Airborne along with the British landed behind German lines being scattered widely from their drop points. Despite this they pull their separated elements together and formed an elite and tough fighting force securing places such as St. Mere Eglise and famously Carentan (Band Of Brothers)

Andy B is keeping the exact scenario for Tuesday’s game close to his chest (Or he’s still writing it!). Whatever it is with Bolt Action rules from Warlord we will get a fast furious brutal and finished game in one night.

Bolt Action WargamingSo come on down if you are a member (Many unsuspecting sceptics have been converted to Bolt Action) and enjoy. If you are new come and get your first free week and see why we are the friendliest wargaming club in Wales

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