Taffs Well Saturday Wargames 18th January 2014

3rd Hussars At The Battle Of Jena 1806My how time flies. Already another year and another Taffs Well saturday wargaming. yes even though Crusade is looming in 8 days time the wargames go on. So what is lined up for this month’s Taffs Well saturdy games?

15mm Napoleonics Wargame

First up and one of the main events is a 15mm Napoleonics Shako battle. set in 1806 the game will be French v Prussians/Saxons. Thanks to Mark Armstrong. Drop him a line on our Yahoo group or Facebook Page if you fancy a fight!

15mm Greece Shako

A bit different here and at the moment not 100% definite. But, Ian is looking at a second Shako game. Again set in 1806 the scenario is in Greece and is Turks v Anglo-Russian forces. Basically a fictional land based version of the naval campaign. Now there’s a challenge for you.

Henry V Agincourt - Penarth wargames At Taffs Well28mm Hundred Years War

Nick on the otherhand is upping the scale and using pointy sticks instead. So it will be time to roll out the French tin cans on horses and turn them into pin cushions of the arrow attracting kind. It should be a very colourful battle and good fun.

The rules are going to War and Conquest from Scarab Miniatures who will be a trader at Crusade 2014. Rob Broom will also be doing a Samurai Demonstration game so it’s a good chance to play and then bombard him with questions next week