Wargaming the Battle Of Cowpens At Penarth Wargames

Wargaming The Battle of Cowpens - Penarth & District Wargames SocietyIts Tuesday again (Hurrah) and its off to Glyndwr Hall in Penarth for another wargaming session. Tonight is one of my favourite periods The American War Of Independence (AWI). Adrian Goldsworthy has great set of figures and The Battle Of Cowpens is on the cards. Alway good fun and thoroughly frustrating games you’d be mad to miss it.

You can see some of his collection in the AWI Galleries here

The Battle of Cowpens (January 17, 1781) was a decisive victory by the Continental army forces under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan, in the Southern campaign of the American Revolutionary War over the British Army led by Colonel Banastre Tarleton. It was a turning point in the reconquest of South Carolina from the British. It took place in northwestern Cherokee County, South Carolina, north of the city of Cowpens.(Wikipedia)

So it’s the brash butcher Tarleton against the wily Morgan.  Will history repeat itself or will those Redcoats strike home with bayonets into the heart of the treacherous rebels?


Tarleton's Legion at Cowpens TonightWill you fall into the same trap as Tarleton or will history change completely. Well I know I will be playing British as these are the finest Redcoats ever seen  By the grace of God they will see the Yanks off giving them a damn good thrashing.

Well frustration should be quite a feature tonight at The Battle of Cowpens refight as we are playing with our regular but excellent British Grenadier rules which work so well for AWI.

So come along and join in it should be a great fun.




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