Wargaming Quatre Bras & AWI- Penarth Saturday 4th October 2014

Wargaming Quatre Bras - Map of Battle Of Quatre Bras
Map Of The Battle Of Quatre Bras

Its that time again another great day of wargaming. This Saturday we are delighted to bring you our first go at wargaming Quatre Bras. Once again we will be using Adrian’s great rule set which always seems to produce a realistic battle and outcome for the period.

So what wll this refight bring? Is it time for Ney to stay sane and actually produce a great performance on the day?

Of course Quatre Bras although smaller is significant in it’s strategic importance in the Hundred Days campaign. As with all famous battle, especially in the Napoleonic era, wargaming Quatre Bras brings problems. Most wargamers know something about it and often try to right the errors of the past.

Fortunately the rules we use and Adrian’s set up helps deflect that a lot. Not that there is no free tactical will to attempt something different. So come along and see what you can do to vanquish Ney and his diabolical commander or to defeat perfidious Albion and old Big Nose.

Wargaming Quatre Bras - The Black Watch At Quatre Bras
The Black Watch At Quatre Bras

40mm AWI British Grenadier Wargame

AWI 23rd Foor Royal Welsh Fusiliers
23rd Regt Foot (Royal Welch Fusiliers).
(Old Glory Prints – Don Troiani)

Not content with just one special game, you can have two. A 40mm American War of Independence game.

Populated with Old Glory and gorgeous Front Rank 40mm AWI figures Andy & Glyn will be running this small action.

We will be using the great British Grenadier rules so prepared to be historically frustrated and go in with the steel.

Drop in as its fun and looks great in this scale



Having missed a few Tuesday session I am personally looking forward to tomorrow and wargaming Quatre Bras. I hope you can make it too and new members are always welcome to come along and join in the fun.